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Raised by wolves with aspirations to fly, in my youth I was a schoolyard hero who daydreamed in Pantone colored crayons. Drawn to the arts, I digested the world around me, and projected my imagination on the walls and surfaces of my surroundings. With a rich library from which to pull, I harvested those experiences and drew upon them as inspiration as I set sail in exploration of my craft. As the years progressed and my artistic skills and acumen accrued, I found love for design in the digital age. From pencil and paper, to print and digital, I explored and perfected the tools of my trade. Armed with a deep arsenal of knowledge, I learned all the rules and colored within the lines, so that I could one day scribble outside the box. With the clarity of my vision and the wind at my back, I’ve since donned many hats and fought many battles, forging empires from concepts. As a seasoned veteran in the war on mediocrity, I draw from my vast experiences as I cultivate culture. A culture which shapes values. Values that determine the future. I am a creator. I am a lover of art, aesthetics, and functionality. I am Austin Auandee.

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Art Director | Sr. Graphic Designer
Responsible for the design and production of in-store print, video, digital and web advertising and marketing materials for over 750 automobile stores and dealerships throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Clients include all major car manufacturers, amongst others: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Subaru, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, GMC, Chrysler, Cadillac, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Created various customized sales collateral and client inserts including: digital signage and web content, TV wraps, menus, booklets, flip charts, logos, product labels, large format graphics, banners, posters, rack cards / hangers, flyers, view-thru graphics, email marketing campaigns and other materials. Produced in-house, as well as client side sales reports and presentations, along with process training and product education tools. Maintained and updated digital image files and various advertising materials to regularly coincide with ever changing market demands.


Art Director | Sr. Graphic Designer | Copywriter
Art directed and designed on-brand advertising materials through various channels for Atlantic Union Bank, Target, Pearle Vision, Dickies, CapTech, Venture Richmond, The Chesterfield Education Foundation, Alexandria Renew Enterprises, and Siewers Lumber, among others.

Projects include: ad campaigns, rebranding, print and digital ads, direct mail and email marketing campaigns, digital banner ads, one-sheet templates, logo designs for various local, as well as national companies and events.



Art Director | Sr. Graphic Designer | Illustrator
Conceptualized, designed and produced artwork for various national, as well as local musical acts and events. Also, performed a lead role in the design and production of a variety of marketing and advertising collateral for, a music website based out of New York and The Marketing Group. Projects included sponsorship packages for multiple events, print ads, magazine spreads, art directed photos, as well as multiple templates and layouts.

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